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Free Mario is the official mascot of Nintendo. Mario was first created by a Japanese designer named Shigeru Miyamoto, in the game Donkey Kong which was released in 1981. Since then, Mario games emerged and currently there are over 200 games. Mario is the main protagonist in the series, and in one game, he is the antagonist. He is described as a short, Italian plumber from the city of New York. The game designers decided to make his profession as a plumber, because the first games were based on underground levels. In the first few games, Mario was depicted as a sideways sprite, but since then his figure has changed to a two – dimensional figure. Mario repeatedly rescues Princess Peach, from the antagonist, Bowser, and disrupts his plans to destroy the kingdom.

Mario Games OnlineMario’s first name was originally Jumpman, where he is a carpenter with an ape. He mistreats the ape; so it escapes and kidnaps his girlfriend, the Lady; but the Lady’s name was soon changed to Pauline. Mario’s name was inspired by Mario Segale, Nintendo of America’s warehouse landlord.

Mario Games FreeShigeru originally planned to name the character Mr. Video, and he appeared in all the games he developed. In the first stages of Donkey Kong, Mario was unable to jump, but soon after that Miyamoto enabled him to. Mario’s clothes were not defined in the first games; but since then, Miyamoto modified Mario to be short, having a big nose and moustache, with a red cap to cover his hair so that they could get over the process of moving his hair when he jumped, and a red shirt with blue overalls, replacing the old blue shirt with red overalls.

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Mario has appeared in over 200 games since his creation. Outside the Super Mario series, he has also appeared in sports game, like Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, educational games such as Mario Is Missing! And Mario’s Time Machine and role-playing games such as Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG.


In the first few games, Mario was originally the only playable game character, but most of the games have Luigi, Mario’s taller and younger brother, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Wario, Mario’s enemy, Waluigi, Luigi’s enemy, Bowser, the main antagonist and Yoshi the dinosaur, as playable characters in mario games 66 like Mario Party, Mario Kart Racing, and Super Mario Basketball.

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There are various villains in the Super Mario series. Some of them are Bowser, who appears in almost all of the games; Bowser Jr. who is Bowser’s only child (and the apparent heir to the Koopa Kingdom) ; Kamek , who appears in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, in which he kidnaps Baby Luigi; Tatanga, an alien villain, who kidnaps Daisy in Sarasaland and is the main antagonist of Super Mario Land; Petey Piranha; who is the king of all piranha plants; Wario , who is the main antagonist of Super Mario Land 2; 6 Golden Coins; and Waluigi.

Since the maiden game Donkey Kong, Mario games has come a long way, selling over 210 million units worldwide, making it the most popular video game franchise of all time.

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